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Anne Gobinson

Anne Gobinson

click link for movie11mb windows movie

click link for movie1mb windows movie

Anne Gobinson is proving extremely popular with many companies wanting to portray themselves as the strongest link and also on the University and Club circuit.

Bookings can be for just Anne Gobinson to perform your script at a daytime conference enabling information to be delivered in a light hearted mannered (which normally grabs the attention more!! ) or the complete show "The Sleekest Wink" which lasts for approximately 45mins and is usually performed as the cabaret spot in the evening. Anne can also be booked as a walkabout act or filmed for conferences.

Anne GobinsonAvailable for media events, lambasting shirkers, videos, corporate functions, private parties, making your decisions, openings, exhibitions, and conferences.

"People couldn't believe they'd hired an actress to do Anne Robinson - they thought it was Anne Robinson. Really really good - well done. I've had some tremendous feedback!"

Roche Laboratories
Anne Gobinson"Thanks for coming to help with our conference in San Diego. This has been the most successful one to date and the added comedy has certainly helped to keep the attention of our customers "